about the fair tax amendment

The old way of taxing income in Illinois
is unfair and inadequate.

We can fix it.

Illinois’s unfair tax system often hits Black and Brown communities the hardest.

It takes existing income inequality and makes it worse—resulting in a lack of resources for schools, losses to critical social services, and continued disinvestment in the programs and services that make our communities safe and allow our children to thrive.

about the fair tax amendment

The Fair Tax Amendment will lift the burden from the middle class and those struggling to get there.

THE FAIR TAX changes the state constitution to allow the state income tax to be set at higher rates for higher incomes and lower rates for people with low and moderate incomes. Illinois voters will get to vote for the Fair Tax in November 2020.

  • Under Fair Tax reform, 97% of taxpayers will get a tax cut or pay no more than they do now. 
  • The Fair Tax will raise more than $3 billion a year that can help to fund state and local government, schools and human services, and responsibly pay the state’s bills. 
  • Fair Tax reform will require wealthy people to pay their fair share, only increasing taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year

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