On Tax Day, voters speak out for Fair Tax reform

Vote Yes for Fair Tax marked the tax filing deadlineJuly 15with six video news conferences across the state.

In Chicago, its western suburbs, Metro East, Peoria, Rockford and Springfield, the events featured local educators, essential workers, seniors, small business owners, faith leaders and human service providers. All made the case for why they’re voting YES on the Fair Tax Amendment.

The event garnered widespread coverage in the news media (excerpt and links below). Be sure to keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter where we’ll be featuring further stories from the events.

“[T]he graduated income tax would lower or leave unchanged rates for those earning $250,000 or less.” WCBU: Advocates Push Back Against Business Groups Opposed To Graduated Income Tax Amendment

“The Fair Tax amendment’s approval this fall means that on tax day next year everyone who makes less than a quarter-million dollars a year will get a tax cut or pay no more than they do now,” said Sam Tuttle, Committee Director. WIFR [VIDEO]: Grassroots Coalition: Vote Yes For Fair Tax

Sam Tuttle is the committee director of the coalition. She said this change will help the community. “Rich folks beginning to pay their share will raise about $3 billion a year mostly from millionaires and billionaires that can be invested in schools, health care, human services jobs,” she said.

Donna Granath is an educator for Rockford Public Schools. She said she supports the amendment because it will help teachers like herself. “For decades the state has underfunded our schools, failing to provide the funding necessary for me and my colleagues to do our job[s],” she said. Northern Public Radio: To Change Or Not To Change, That Is The Question

“It’s completely unfair that educators like myself pay the same income tax rate as millionaires and billionaires,” Rebecca Gamboa, a teacher at Madison Elementary School in Lombard, said in a virtual news conference. “I love what I do and I’m proud of my job, but I think it’s only fair for the wealthy to pay just a little bit more so the rest of us can get a break.”

Ronit Golan, owner of Ronit’s Kitchen in Rockford, said Tuesday in the virtual news conference she was a supporter of the graduated tax. “Now more than ever, in these uncertain times, it’s essential that we do everything we can to establish our economy and make things better for working people as well as entrepreneurs,” she said. “With just a slight increase for those making $250,000 or more a year, we can begin to address our state’s uncertainty.” Capitol News Illinois: Group launches ‘tax day’ push for constitutional amendment

“For decades, our state has underfunded our schools failing to provide the funding for my colleagues and I to do our jobs,” said Tara Stout. “Each year, we have to go into our own pockets to buy the supplies our students need while managing outdated facilities and constant cuts. The fair tax amendment would provide an estimated $3 billion in additional state funding. Money that can and should be used to fund our schools.”

“This is a small sacrifice by millionaires and billionaires who can pay for the improvements to the social services our communities need in these troubled times” said Pastor Marvin Hightower.

“I’m proud to be a firefighter and serve my community, but part of the job means sacrificing for others,” said Ryan Brady, Peoria Firefighter. “I don’t think it’s too much to ask in turn from those who are well off.”

“Fair tax reform will finally fix things for providers like me and the people I work with,” said Robin Sledge, home healthcare worker. “It would mean more than $3 billion a year that could be used for social services programs.”

“One of the benefits of being a senior is you see a lot and I see an important opportunity to make a good change for Illinois in the fair tax constitutional amendment,” said Mary Anne Michelet, Peoria Senior. WYZZ: Vote Yes for Fair Tax’ coalition urging Illinoisans to vote for November’s constitutional amendment

One Illinois: Grassroots groups take fair-tax debate to people

MyStateline.com [VIDEO]: ‘Vote Yes for Fair Tax’ coalition urging Illinoisans to vote for November’s constitutional amendment

More video coverage of our Tax Day press events is available on our YouTube channel here.