Faith leaders from across Illinois hold virtual rally in support of the Fair Tax constitutional amendment

Led by Rev. Dr. Jacqueline Triche Atkins, minister at Christ Universal Temple in Chicago. Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders urged a Yes vote for the Fair Tax amendment to cut taxes for the 97% of Illinois residents who make less than $250,000 a year, to ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share, and to invest in schools, health care and jobs in every community.“[B]udgets are moral documents that demonstrate a nation’s spiritual depth,” said keynote speaker Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

“It is high time that our tax system is not rooted in an economic advantage for those who have,” said Imam Tariq El-Amin of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. “Those who have the ability to do more can do more, should do more.”

“The Fair Tax amendment is more than just a political act on a voting roster… it is a statement to one another that this is the kind of world we want to live in…where fairness has sway in our society,” said Rabbi Brant Rosen of Tzedek Chicago.

“Everyone has a responsibility to use the gifts God has blessed them with to care for the entire community. That’s what early Jesus’s early followers did,” said Pastor Violet Johnicker of Rockford’s Brooke Road United Methodist Church.The rally was part of Fair Tax Faith Week, which has brought together people of faith throughout the state to learn and take action to support the constitutional amendment.